Project management success as IIED launches new intranet

Having completed the project on time and to budget, I hosted an intranet launch party to celebrate the International Institute for Environment and Development’s (IIED) new central information-sharing channel.

Who: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

The challenge: Reinvigorate and complete the process of building the organisation’s intranet, in the context of an organisation whose 100 staff travel internationally and work between two UK offices and various home offices.  For two years, the organisation had been missing a central place to share and access information, announce news, post administrative information and provide regular project updates from each team.

The solution: In my liaison role with Metataxis, the external company building the site, I met with IIED staff to gather and integrate their preferences for intranet use into the design.  Having worked for an extended period without such a central channel, most staff members saved and shared their work in individual or team-specific ways.  Engaging with all teams, and providing training on the new systems, helped ensure the organisation-wide buy-in that was needed to adapt separate ways of working to a more collaborative, centrally-focused style.  Named the Portal, the intranet became a key internal communications channel combining news with multiple ways of accessing and sharing data and documents and encouraging new ways of collaborative working.


  • Launched new intranet, named the Portal, on time and to budget
  • Recruited a permanent intranet manager
  • Worked with staff to create organisation-wide engagement with new systems and ways of working

When: 2012 – February 2013

Alison organised all our internal consultation, our engagement with external stakeholders and our recruitment process to find someone to run our online platform.  The process went very smoothly, Alison was charming to work with and worked well across all levels and diversity of staff.  We have maintained a strong relationship going forward on the back of this exercise.Liz Carlile, IIED Director of Communications