Strategic communications audit (internal and external)

Having prioritised improvements to their communications work, Catalyst wanted to evaluate their progress to highlight areas of best practice and identify any areas that could be strengthened further.

Who: Catalyst Housing

The challenge: Following introduction and implementation of brand guidelines and a print-on-demand service, Catalyst requested a two-year review of the effectiveness of their communications materials, covering everything produced for both internal and external audiences; digital marketing; and all other marketing materials.

The solution: Using the same scoring criteria as the previous audit held two years previously, I examined materials in detail, assessing the design, reading all content and considering the effectiveness of targeting to the intended audience and method of distribution.  My review covered internal documents such as brand and editorial guidelines, external publications such as policy announcements, reports and posters, and all digital channels, which included websites, e-bulletins, Twitter and YouTube.


  • Produced easy-to-read, easy-to-understand report showing results in both table and graph form that highlighted variances between the two audits
  • Having found considerable improvement in the last two years, I made several recommendations to help the communications team further embed their knowledge of brand, design and editorial guidelines in teams across the organisation – so that their success could continue
  • Other recommendations included ways to strengthen the targeting of each piece of communication and creating a standard method of recording the distribution of materials to help improve future audits

When: May 2012

The communications audit that Alison did for us was thorough and insightful, providing an invaluable tool to help us shape our future strategy.Communications Director, Catalyst