Building capacity in the Diocese of London's property portfolio

As the lead consultant on the Diocese’s review of its property portfolio, I oversaw and coordinated completion of three independent reviews and project managed a review of the maintenance of housing provided for clergy and other church workers.

Who: Diocese of London

The challenge: Coordinating reviews of investment and operational properties demanded excellent communication with a focus on regular liaison with senior stakeholders. Additionally, reviewing systems and processes inevitably revealed tensions at various points that, when carefully managed with a view to transforming disagreements, helped identify new ways of working to better utilise talents and processes already in place.

The solution: In my lead consultant role, I analysed and managed risks across all three reviews, managed a variety of stakeholders and reported regularly to the project sponsor. In my project management role, I held focus groups, surveyed 500 clergy and worked closely with the property team in reviewing each step of their systems and processes before making my recommendations for ways to help affect cultural change.


  • Wrote and presented a five-year strategic plan for management of the Diocese’s property portfolio
  • Recommended a level of service for the management of operational housing
  • Ensured that cultural change suggestions and alterations to ways of working were well understood and implemented so as to assure longevity

When: February – October 2012